Extended Day Program

Program Objective

The Extended Day Program is an after school enrichment program aimed at helping students academically and a place where students find a variety of enrichment activities and lessons to develop many different skills and knowledge. For those enrolling in the program there are three different sections:



1. Students who participate in the program every day and attend regular clas- ses. These

students must participate in enrichment classes. They can opt for a second enrichment class depending on age, space, and other teacher criteria. (Funded by the ASES Grant, the school and the parents).



2. Students who participate in the program every day and attend intervention classes. These

students may not be allowed to participate in any additional individual or small group enrichment activity during the program hours. Enrichment will be provided for this group as a class. These students have the highest priority at the time of enrollment. (Funded by the school).



3. Students who only attend the program to take enrichment classes. This group of students does not attend the program every day. They have the lowest priority at the time of enrollment. The cost of the program is $10.00 per day for the days agreed upon. (Funded by the school and by the parents).



For more information regarding the Extended Day Program, please review our Extended Day - Parent Handbook or feel free to contact:


Ruben Sanchez

Extended Day Program Assistant

E-mail: rsanchez@elsolacademy.org

(714) 543-0023





Important Links and Documents

Extended Day Program- Parent Handbook - English (pdf)

Extended Day Program Info (pdf)

Extended Day Program- Parent Handbook - Spanish (pdf)


Extended Day Program - Staff Contact

Extended Day Program - Application - English and Spanish (pdf)





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